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Dr. Dora Barilla - Committee Member

Dr. Barilla is the President of HC2 Strategies and a Senior Fellow for the Institute for Health Policy and Fellowship at Loma Linda University Health.  She is the former Assistant Vice President for Strategy and Innovation at Loma Linda University Health and the founder and Chair for a not-for-profit organization, Partners for Better Health, promoting health initiatives in communities. Dora has spent last two decades putting healthcare plans in place that are strategic, effective, and yes, downright creative. Dora understands that a proactive health policy requires innovative thinking and action (along with a healthy dose of heart and soul) and nothing less will do. She is a dedicated individual who exemplifies an unrivaled commitment to community health outcomes.


As co-founder of HC2 Strategies, Dr. Barilla has been a key thought leader and proven innovator who has spearheaded (or “created and driven”) strategic plans for known health systems throughout Southern California. Looking at needs assessment, implementation, strategy, advisement, coalition building, systems and policy changes – the many spokes in today’s healthcare wheel - Dr. Barilla drives meaningful change we need in our ever-changing healthcare environment. She is a champion of health access, and actively engages the communities she serves using the power of the pen and voice. She is a prolific writer and in-demand speaker, which allow her to share her experiences in a more personal way. In healthcare, delivery is everything and Dr. Dora Barilla delivers.



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