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We transform communities by motivating, educating, equipping, and providing information and resources to our partners. Take a look at our services and see how together we can realize change.


Every community has unique needs socially, economically and educationally. You, as a FBO, may be positioned either geographically or strategically to best serve local needs.. The FACCT will first help you define the needs in your community.
We collect and analyze data on an ongoing basis to identify gaps in services and resources and establish a framework to help you to provide those services in an efficient and cost effective manner. 
The faith community has always been the first to respond to community needs. We aim to strengthen “first responders” by providing FBOs with the expertise and infrastructure to be self-sustaining. 
After identifying the need, the FACCT will leverage its extensive network and resource mapping repository to create strategic partnerships. These partnerships aim to pair a seasoned FBO that is currently providing the specific service/s in their community with an inexperienced FBO  best positioned to meet the identified need. This form of organizational mentorship/cross-pollination will address any public health and safety, social (and educational?) need related to assisting the low income and/or reentry populations. We will always achieve more working together.

After findiing the need and aligning strategic mentor partners, we will develop a marketing plan to educate stakeholders, policy makers, and community leaders about the benefits of strengthening the continuum of pre and post release services. These include but are not limited to:
For more infomation on how we can work together to transform your community please click the contact us button to the left. 

“The collective giftings, talents, and wisdom of team FACCT is unparalleled in this space. This coupled with the network and wealth of resources they possess make them a partner every Faith Based Organization needs.”


- Matthew G. - Director of Mens Ministry ALFC

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