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Pastor Gary Hornsby - Committee Member

Gary Hornsby is best known as, "the connector".   He loves to connect people to their destiny through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It doesn't stop there, he also loves to connect people in the body of Christ to one another in order to advance God’s Kingdom on earth. His desire is to see the local churches blessing their communities with the Love and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ! He founded the Rivers Edge Church in Rancho Cucmonga in 2001 and The Rivers Edge Mens Ranch in 2007. Gary loves to promote the saying, “Together we are better.”  He firmly believes if we can work together as a body of believers in conjunction with the civic leaders of our communinities we can meet the needs of all the people we have all been called to serve.


Gary has put programs in place to do this practically on a daily basis.  The Bridge ministry out of his church, clothes and feeds hundreds of families every week. The Rivers Edge Ranch helps men transform their lives to stay out of prison, off the streets and become productive citizens. His passion to bridge the gap between the marginalized and poor with resources and relationships that can equip them to experience the abundant life is the driving force in his life.  His passion in his local church is to help instill a heart in his congregation to work together for social Justice issues.  He is married to Debbie, the love of his life and has three boys;  Justin, Jacob and Luke.

Building Bridges |  Expanding Capacity | Transforming Communities

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