Pastor Mark Graham - Executive Secretary

Senior Pastor of Abundant Living – USA, Mark Anthony Graham brings his unique corporate experience and background from 3M Company, Human Resources Management into the faith based community.


In 2009, Mark started Abundant Living Family Church High Desert.  The growth and impact in the community have been phenomenal over the last 6 years.  Abundant Living has a focus on serving the community’s underserved populations.  Over 40,000 individuals have been directly impacted through Abundant Living Family Church’s compassion teams.  The individuals being served include the homeless population of the High Desert, inmates being released, incarcerated teens, youth in foster care and seniors who live in convalescent homes.


A native of Indiana, Mark received his degree from Purdue University in Supervision Technology with an emphasis on Organizational Development.  Mark is a husband and father of four, author, lecturer and international speaker.

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