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Change young lives for the better. 

The Faith Advisory Council for Community Transformation needs your help to raise $300,000.00 to sustain 3 years of independent operations for Oasis House. Oasis House, a 5-acre facility in Apple Valley, restores stability for Transitional Age Youth (ages 18-25), by providing a safe and structured living environment in addition to guidance and support as they access a path to a better life. 

Young people in foster care often lack the development necessary to successfully transition into adulthood, which puts them at great risk of developing physical, emotional and behavioral problems that can lead to homelessness, unemployment and incarceration. At 18 foster youths are left to fend for themselves, and without an adequate and ongoing adult support network, they struggle

With your help, we can secure legislation that will create $5 million in government funding and enable California nonprofits to provide Transitional Age Youth the real-life skills they need to become self-sufficient adults. Your donation will to not only support operations for Oasis House but, with successful and measurable outcomes provide daata to support the narrative that will h secure the legislative advocacy necessary to make lasting changes to aid this vulnerable population

Donate now and make a difference! 

To show your support and to learn more, join the Oasis House Facebook page. 

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