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Pastor Randy Howard - Executive Treasurer

Randy Howard is the Senior Leader of the GATE Church of the High Desert located in Victorville, California with a vision for personal transformation of lives and social justice for communities. He is also the founder, president and overseer of Gateway Strategies International, a family of churches and leaders in Latin America, East Africa, India, the French Caribbean and the USA with nearly 3,000 churches directly and indirectly involved. In addition, he is the International Director of the Leadership Council for Kingdom Ministries International and an advisor for the Statesmen Project, a Christian movement for principle-based politics grounded in Scripture. He also serves on the boards of several other global ministries.


With over thirty years in ministry, Randy’s passion continues for the message of God’s Kingdom and biblical relevance in every sphere of life thus producing the transformation of individuals, families, local regions and nations.


Randy and his wife Tammy have four grown married children all serving in ministry and 12 grandchildren.

Building Bridges |  Expanding Capacity | Transforming Communities

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